Monday, July 21, 2014

Top 10 Proper Eye Care Tips

Our eyes are the most important organs of the body. We appreciate God's creation because we can see them using our eyes. If we can not see the world will be filled with darkness and it would be difficult for us to go around. Thus, sight is very important not only for us humans, but also for all living things.

Our five senses, but there are eyes, and organs to see things, you should definitely be well taken cared of. We should not abuse our eyes keeps finding ways to care for them so they can operate at full and we can see things clearly.

There are many simple and practical ways to take care of our eyes. It's just a matter of discipline and obedience. Below are the top 10 proper eye care tips that you need to remember and follow.

1) Wash your face before going to bed.

This is a common yet very important skin and eye care tip. You should make sure to remove makeup and wash your face before going to bed. This can help to avoid clogging pores which can cause skin problems and can irritate eyes.

2) Get plenty of sleep.

Of course, getting enough sleep is not only good for the eyes, but for the body as a whole. With sleep, tired eyes, who can rest. Eye misuse can cause the eyes to malfunction or lead to more serious eye problems.

3) Vitamin A should be included in your diet.

Foods rich in vitamin A such as corn, egg yolk and liver can improve eyesight and prevent eye disease. You can also buy vitamins in pharmacies and take a vitamin daily.

4) Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

Water can help improve water loss in the body for the activities you do. It can also provide recovery and water needs of your eyes so that it can work well.

5) Avoid reading in the dark or low light.

Trying to read in dark or low light can cause eye irritation and can lead to more serious eye problems if done regularly. Never abuse your eyes by reading in poor light.

6) glasses of sunny weather.

Protect eyes with glasses when you are out on a sunny day. You should also avoid staring directly at the sun because it can damage the eyes and can even lead to blindness.

7) Avoid too much use of the computer or TV.

Rest your eyes every 2 hours using the computer or TV. Never abuse your eyes. It is not advisable to use the TV or computer for a long time because you will definitely regret it when you feel or experience visual disturbances.

8) Avoid excessive use of eye drops, and instead use or clean cold tap water.

Do not rely too much on the eye drops. Use cold water or clean running water for cleaning the eyes especially before going to bed.

9) Apply cucumber on the eyes for removing dark circles.

Dark circles around the eyes caused by stress can be removed by applying a cucumber in your eyes. Allow cucumber to be in about an hour or two.

10) Do not smoke.

Smoking is certainly harmful to the body including the eyes. It can cause poor, blurred vision and other eye problems. It can also reduce the total body and may even cause cancer due to cancer caused by cigarette contains.

Our eyes make us feel complete as a person because we feel free to move and see things around us. Let us take good care of our eyes so it can work well even until we get old.

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