Friday, February 22, 2013

Eye Care Tips To Naturally Maintain And Restore Your Eyes Vision And Condiction

Are you looking for natural Eye Care tips? Have you been neglecting to take care of you and wondering if it is too late to reverse your particular eye condition? Unless Grim Reaper has visited you with the worst news, it's never too late. We have some encouraging fool-proof eye care tips just for you!
-How to properly care for your eyesThe sooner the better. Make up your mind that you will make some effort to take better care of you and you'll have the ability to reverse or prevent about eye conditions or ailments that can plague you all your life through to old age. It is up to you. You decide. It's only if you're serious, this eye care tips will be using you. We are to trust you to do things so read on for the tips We promise!
-Effective and Natural Eye Care TipsWhat not to do: smoke, overwork your eyes with TV, PC, or sunlight, expose your eyes in dusty, dirty areas where germs and particles can attack eyes, constantly rubbing his eyes, which can cause serious conditions such as conjunctivitis and carry bacteria and viruses that spread like wildfire, reading under dim lighting or in semi-darkness that causes eye strain. What to do: prevent glare and eye-straining activities to prevent red or tired eyes, rest your eyes every day, use caution when working with harmful substances such as chemicals or cleaners; flush eyes out with clean water and eye drops or saline solution and do not forget to keep well water all the time, go there often so fresh air and oxygen can nourish your eye membranes, giving you a soothing eye massage incorporating gels, creams and cold press, not travel with eye cover-up when traveling not only encourages sleep but also keeps the smoke and germs from other passengers.
-Eye Exercises is one of the top Eye Care TipsPhysical eye exercises are also on the top list of eye care tips. Exercise in moderation relax and strengthen eye muscles and refresh and rejuvenate all our faces. A pamper day but Optometrist away! So challenge yourself with these exercises:
One: roll eyeballs in circular motion, changing directionTwo: Move your eyes only up and down with repetition, then side by sideThree: focus both eyes towards the nose and behind
Exercises play a major role in proper circulation and healthy blood flow to the eyes. Do not forget to take a break and relax eye muscles from time to time. A well-deserved reward after exercising is called. Pamper yourself with a cool compress or cucumber face Masque with avocado enhance your skin. Remember, eyes and skin are both organs of the body. Spoil them from time to time!

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