Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tips on How to Prevent Red Eyes

Red eye is a condition wherein the red lines are observed in the whites of the eyes . The white part of the eye called white and is known to form the outer layer of the eye. White surface consists of small vessels which may be congested with blood. This could be due to an insufficient supply of oxygen.

What are the causes of red eye ?

Red eyes are caused by a lot of reasons . This can include fatigue , eyestrain , dust , bright sun, allergies to pollen , cigarette smoke , stay up late at night , overwork and other irritants . Special reason to drink alcohol. Each red-eye , on the other hand does capillary fragility throughout the body. The lack of certain amino acids and vitamins and high blood pressure can also cause redness and red eyes.

Individuals age 40 and are likely to be vulnerable to these problems, but only to a point . But if the symptoms are persistent , increased severity if it occurs in younger people, you may want to give more attention.

Natural Solutions for red eyes

Ensure enough rest and sleep at night. Ma also wants to stop and relax a little more during the day.
It is also necessary to supplement the diet . Take enough vitamin A , vitamin B2 and B6 and three amino acids including phynylalanine , lysine and histidine . Eating vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans will ensure that you get the necessary vitamins and amino acids.
Do not use the drops a prescription in pharmacies . These drops claim to cure red eyes. Contain substances that constrict blood vessels. This can be made whiter whites for a while, but the problem is not really addressed. If you put drops beautiful eyes will gradually disappear in a few hours and the redness usually appear redder than before.
Install married and cold towel over your closed eyes . The cold water will help to constrict blood vessels in

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