Friday, February 22, 2013

All About Dry Eyes

Do you suffer from dry eyes? This situation can be tricky. It can interfere with even the simplest tasks such as reading and watching TV shows. Left untreated, this can progress to severe. Here are some important information on this that can help you if you have it:

-A brief overview of Dry Eye Syndrome
This syndrome is a common condition of many experiences. This happens when something interferes tear film. Typically, a thin film of tears coats the eyes to keep them well. This image also makes sure your vision is clear all throughout the day. The tear film has three main layers. The innermost layer is the thinnest part. There is a layer of mucus or secretions. Cells in the conjunctiva, or clear skin that lines the eyes produce this song. The mucus helps the overlying watery layer to spread evenly over the eye. The middle layer is the largest and thickest part. This song is diluted water solution. The lacrimal glands of the upper eyelid and the accessory tear glands produce this watery layer. The role of this layer is to keep the eye moist and comfortable. It helps flush out dust, debris and other foreign objects that may get inside the eye. Defects in the aqueous layer are the most common cause of dry eye syndrome, also called as keratoconjunctivitis SICC. The superficial layer is a thin layer of fat (fat or oil). Distichiasis glands of Zeiss and the glands or oil glands of the eyelid produce these fats. The main function of this lipid layer is to help reduce the evaporation of the watery layer beneath.

Symptoms and dry eye syndrome
A person with dry eye syndrome may feel dry, gritty or scratchy or watery feeling in their eyes. Other symptoms include a burning sensation, itching, redness, blurred vision and sensitivity to light. These symptoms worsen in dry and windy climates with higher temperatures and low humidity. Symptoms also worsen with prolonged use of the eyes as reading, using the computer and watching TV. Dry eye drops can be a good solution, but worse case, see a doctor can be a better solution. Symptoms of this condition can be sparse and too frenetic. Eyes become slightly irritated and dry, and may initiate reflex tearing. When this happens, the tear production will increase significantly. It will try to moisten your eyes and take a comfortable flashing. Your eyes can only see so many tears at once. Soon after, eyes will again become dry and irritated. The process will repeat itself.

You feel self-care tips that can reduce the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. For example, a Humidifier can add more moisture in the air. Tears will evaporate slower because of the increased moisture in the air, and this will keep your eyes. Furnaces and air conditioning reduce moisture in the air, and excessive motions air dries out the eyes. Avoid having too motions air by reducing air speed fans or oscillating fans. Large amount of dust in the air, and more can be symptoms worse. An air filter can also be helpful.

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